100 things that you didn’t really want to know about me

OK my 100th post was sometime last month, so to celebrate that occasion here are 100 things that you may or may not know about me.

1. My middle name is Kathleen.

2. I believe that I should have been born during a different era

3. I prefer pets to people (this does not apply to all pets or to all people)

4. I once worked in a deli. I quit because I just couldn’t stand putting chickens on a bbq spit.

5. The original name of this blog was Bleeding Gums Bzowy. Aren’t you glad I changed it?

6. I believe that there is something really important waiting for me to do, before I die. It’s a destiny thing.

7. I once saw a psychic who told me that my life would drastically improve once I turn 35. She was pretty stunned, by what she saw in the cards about the life I had led to that point.

8. I don’t have my ears pierced.

9. My favorite artists are Georges Seurat and Emily Carr, oh and I can’t forget about Ferdinand Botero ( I adore him!)

10. I hate anything that smells like Vanilla (this includes people, if you wear a vanilla scent ~ you will never be my friend).

11. One of my most prized objects, is a pair of very dark mirrored white framed large sunglasses that I scammed from some random dude at the bar. It was the trophy of the night. I have built a shrine around it.

12. I believe in ghosts.

13. All of the furniture that I own are hand me downs, except for my bed.

14. Purple is my favorite accent colour.

15. I don’t wear socks.

16. I am terribly afraid of people that I don’t know.

17. I am currently obsessed with Japanese culture.

18. I write another blog about health issues. You can visit it at http://www.cfssquared.com

19. My favorite colour is grey.

20. I prefer going to the movies alone.

21. I don’t understand the concept of marriage or family

22. I think Crete is the happiest place on earth. Not Disneyland.

23. I am grown up, but I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

24. Last year I went to a reading given by John Irving. During the question and answer period, he made me cry with one of his answers. I don’t like his books, but I had a whole new respect for him after that night.

25. I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

26. Saying thank you, is something very important to me.

27. I have one brother. He is younger than me.

28. I suspect that my family thinks I am mentally ill. I am not, I would just rather be alone.

29. Mashed potatoes taste a lot better when they are purple….so do pancakes.

30. There is only one person in the entire world that I enjoy talking on the phone with. I think he knows who he is. I hope so anyway.

31. If I get up early enough on saturdays, I will watch the flintstones, while eating fruit loops.

32. I am canadian.

33. In my opinion canada is very real….I don’t feel the same way about the US

34. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The day I got sick, I was in Niagara Falls. It was on Thanksgiving.

35. I try to meditate regularly.

36. My greatest fear has come true.

37. I feel sorry for people who go to church. I wish that they could think for themselves.

38. With the exception of a watch, I do not wear jewelry.

39. I am a survivor of abuse. I attribute that as the reason I have health issues. I am becoming ok with this fact.

40. More than anything else, I want to live in a houseboat.

41. I have the greatest friends in the entire world. Probably because I weed out the ones who aren’t so fantastic.

42. I much prefer to watch television in dvd format.

43. The power Oprah has, freaks me out. How is it someone like her has that much influence on more than one nation. Truthfully, I am more than a little jealous.

44. I have had a concert aired on a national radio program.

45. Babies scare me. I think that they know more than me.

46. When I first read Lord of the Rings, I was so upset when I thought that Gandalf had died. I was very much relieved when I found out differently.

47. I am trying to be a geek. With the help of my very good friend Tris, one day I hope to reach that goal.

48. The best thing that I have ever done for my health is accupuncture.

49. I think that people who do crafts, are just trying to compensate for their lack of talent. I wish I could be a little bit crafty. But I will have to settle for being a pretty good guitar player.

50. I read at least 10 hrs a week.

51. I am happier when I am not dating someone.

52. I have kept a journal since I was 9. I was a pretty imaginative kid.

53. I do not understand fads. That said, I do own a cabbage patch kid. Or did.

54. Parties are so much better when a Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass album is playing.

55. Punk’n is my favorite cat in the entire world. Actually she is the only cat that I like.
56. One of these days I will leave Canada, and I will stop calling this country my home.

57. I want to see the entire world.

58. I am lonliest when I am surrounded by people.

59. I have invented a fruity martini…and its fabulous.

60. I wear flannel pajamas all year round, even in the summer.

61. My degree is in music.

62. I only use my degree in a very part time job.

63. My parent’s are still married to each other.

64. Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday.

65. Its ironic, but my very closest friends live very far away .

66. My birthday is Sept 3 – technically I am a virgo ~ but I don’t match the description.

67. I don’t believe in horoscopes.

68. Camp was one of the most favorite times of my life.

69. I can not stand reality television. Any of it!!!! Mostly because none of it is real.

70. I am addicted to my day spa.

71. My favorite meals involve pancakes. Either potato pancakes (latkes) or cold pancakes with peanut butter on them.

72. The best gift I ever got, was from my brother and his then girlfriend (now his wife), it was a cabinet stereo that once belonged to her grandmother. It consists of am/fm radio, turntable and 8 track player. Now if I could only source some 8 track tapes.

73. I have ridden a horse and a donkey, next will be a camel.

74. I saw the Red Sox beat the Orioles in Camden Yards last year.

75. NHL Hockey bores me.

76. I am truly happy when I am near water.

77. I can play the bassoon. shhh don’t tell anyone.

78. My most favorite class in university was English Lit (actually several lit classes) ~ interesting how music didnt even make the top 5.

79. The only movie that I can quote from is “The Princess Bride”

80. It took me 10 days to watch the movie Titanic. Which I hated, by the way.
81. I hate to cook.

82. I love going to the dentist.

83. My hair is falling out.

84. I suspect that the first guitar that I owned was used for smuggling drugs, to this day it still smells like pepper.

85. I still hold my breath when going past a cemetary.

86. I dont like being hugged. I read a book once, where the protagonist didnt like being hugged either, and so the people in his life came up with a plan to hold up their hand (like they were waving) and they could touch hands sometimes. I think I like that much better. The meaning is the same….just without feeling all uncomfortable.

87. I think music sounds best when you can barely hear it.

88. I wish that I could have met Richard Feynman. What an incredible life, this man had.

89. I don’t understand people who were so upset by reading the Da Vinci code. It’s not like Dan Brown suggested anything new.

90. I am afraid of squirrels.

91. I often sing to the wind. It calms me.

92. I have at least one nemesis.

93. It really bothers me that people can’t think for themselves.

94. I find myself resisting technology.

95. I think Neil Diamond should be bigger (fame wise) than Elvis. I just can’t figure out why he isnt. I LOVE HIM!!!!

96. I have never smoked. Anything.

97. A donkey once shit on me. At the time I thought it might be lucky (like when a bird craps on your arm), I was wrong.

98. I have lived in 3 different provinces. But never outside Canada.
99. I once dated an Anglican Priest….for a very very very short time.

100. I feel almost blessed.


4 Responses to “100 things that you didn’t really want to know about me”

  1. […] Go here to get your fix. […]

  2. Bless you living dirt, now you are complete, and suerly you deserve the blesing. I love your presentation.

  3. lol i enjoyed reading tht.

    im sorry to hear about the fact u were abused.

    i completely understand why u like being alone.

    it’s better that way, isnt it?

  4. Ladyzee, you found the hidden blog….yay!

    I am glad you enjoyed reading the list about me.
    I love being alone. It’s really important for me, and surprisingly I hardly get lonely.

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